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The Electrochemistry Group has research programmes to generate new materials and new electrochemical approaches to energy conversion and storage. This includes research into fuel cells, thermoelectrics, lithium batteries and supercapacitors.

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Electrochemistry covers many aspects of fundamental science and large-scale industrial processes. Our group has developed courses that are popular with industry and academia across the world.

Our work on the development and application of high-throughput methodologies in electrochemistry has been applied to functional materials discovery for a wide range of applications and for electrode modification in:

  • electroanalysis
  • biosensors
  • biofuel cells

This has resulted in a successful spin-out company, Ilika, with more important work still being sought within chemistry. This includes work with the Advanced Composite Materials Facility. Work in the design of microflow electrolysis cells is enabling efficient laboratory organic synthesis.

Our group is active in the area of templated electrodeposition of nanomaterials and the applications of nanomaterials. Templated electrodeposition technologies, pioneered in Southampton, offer effective routes to new nanostructures which can produce large quantities, or areas, of material at a reasonable cost.

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My work has centred on the phenomena of cavitation; this is both a fascinating and experimentally challenging arena but ultimately this work has led to a number of exploitable technologies.
Senior Lecturer
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