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Research project

Ageing Across the Lifecourse Networks

Project overview

MyAge will break down the silos associated with reductionist research and bring together non-overlapping expertise of researchers, industrialists and stakeholders from muscle research, me-tabolism, regenerative medicine, genomics, epigenetics, maths, data and social sciences, health inequity, biotech and pharma to understand the mechanistic pathways of muscle development, differentiation and decline. Although considerable research has focused on the better understand-ing of the determinants of muscle ageing, the complexity of the ageing process itself requires an innovative research approach that shifts away from studying single systems in isolation towards an integrative and holistic understanding of muscle ageing where multidimensional molecular, physio-logical, organism and population level research is combined. This approach aligns strongly with rec-ommendations in The Physiological Society’s report, “Growing older, better”. MyAge will develop a ROADMAP that seeks to inform policy and UKRI funding calls.


Other researchers

Professor Jeremy Webb

Professor of Microbiology

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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