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Blue DNA with dark blue background.

We work on topics like patient treatment regimens, catheter design and management, and surgical instrument decontamination.


In collaboration with other biological science faculties, our research areas are: 

  • environmental agri-food and clinical settings of physiology 
  • antimicrobial resistance 
  • development 
  • evolution 
  • genetics
  • molecular ecology of biofilms
  • microbiome communities
  • infectious prions

We have recently led a successful bid by 4 leading Russell Group research institutions and a wider partnership of 14 collaborating institutions across the UK for the new National Innovation Biofilm Centre funded by: 

  • the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) 
  • Innovate UK  
  • partnering companies

Research highlights

Projects and publications

Research projects

Our people

My research group aims to understand how biofilms develop and disperse and how they respond to environmental stresses including therapeutic compounds.
Professor of Microbiology
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