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Research project

B Hayden - Lead Niobate-based Tunable Dielectrics

Project overview

BaxSr1-xTiyMn1-yO3 BSTO thin films have been synthesized using a molecular beam epitaxy system. Novel coplanar waveguide tunable phase shifters have been developed using these Mn-doped perovskite films. The presented phase shifters operate with a phase shift angle of 12 degrees at 10GHz. at an applied bias of 10V on an area smaller than 1mm2. Insertion loss of ~3.2 dB is extracted from the S-parameter measurement. Small changes of composition lead to a significant variation of device phase shift, demonstrating the importance of synthesizing suitable structure BSTO film.


Lead researcher
Other researchers

Professor Kees De Groot


Research interests

  • 2 Dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides TMDC Transistors
  • Smart Radiative Cooling using metal oxides such as AZO and W-doped VO2

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