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Research project

BB/J018139/1 - Chloroplast signalling - Matthew Terry

  • Lead researcher:
  • Research funder:
    Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council
  • Status:
    Not active


Lead researcher

Professor Matthew Terry

Professor of Molecular Plant Biology

Research interests

  • Chloroplast development and retrograde signalling to the nucleus
  • Light regulation of wheat growth and development
  • Improving algal photosynthesis
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Research outputs

Mike T. Page, Tania Garcia-Becerra, Alison G. Smith & Matthew J Terry, 2020, Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 375(1801), 20190401
Type: article
Sylwia M. Kacprzak, Nobuyoshi Mochizuki, Belen Naranjo, Duorong Xu, Dario Leister, Tatjana Kleine, Haruko Okamoto & Matthew J. Terry, 2018, Plant Physiology, 179(1), 18-23
Type: article
Mike T. Page, Sylwia M. Kacprzak, Nobuyoshi Mochizuki, Haruko Okamoto, Alison G. Smith & Matthew J. Terry, 2017, Plant Physiology, 174(1), 21-26
Type: article
Xueyun Hu, Mike T. Page, Akihiro Sumida, Ayumi Tanaka, Matthew J. Terry & Ryouichi Tanaka, 2016, The Plant Journal, 89(6), 1184–1194
Type: article
Steven J. Burgess, Ignasi Granero-Moya, Mathieu J. Grangé-Guermente, Chris Boursnell, Matthew J. Terry & Julian M. Hibberd, 2016, Nature Plants, 2
Type: article