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Research project

Biogeochemistry, macronutrient and carbon cycling in the benthic layer - Solan - NERC


Lead researcher

Professor Martin Solan

Professor of Marine Ecology

Research interests

  • Biodiversity ecosystem function bioturbation benthic ecology
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Other researchers

Professor Jasmin Godbold


Research interests

  • Changes in seafloor biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Effect of human activities and environmental change on species-environment interactions 
  • Trait-expression in benthic invertebrates
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Dr Charlie Thompson

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Coastal Monitoring
  • Coastal Processes
  • Sediment Stability, Resuspension and Exchange processes
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Research outputs

Martin Solan, Ellie R. Ward, Ellen L. White, Elizabeth E. Hibberd, Camilla Cassidy, Jasmin M. Schuster, Rachel Hale & Jasmin A. Godbold, 2019, Scientific Data, 6(1)
Type: article
M.E. Williams, L.O. Amoudry, Charlotte Thompson & J.M. Brown, 2019, Marine Geology, 410, 122-134
Type: article
C.E.L. Thompson, M.E. Williams, L. Amoudry, T. Hull, S. Reynolds, A. Panton & G.R. Fones, 2017, Continental Shelf Research
Type: article
Rachel Hale, Jasmin A Godbold, Marija Sciberras, Jessica Dwight, Christina, Louise Wood, Jan Hiddink & Martin Solan, 2017, Biogeochemistry, 135(1-2), 121–133
Type: article