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Research project

Bleeck - Designing better hearing aids using physiologically inspired speech enhancement


Lead researcher

Professor Stefan Bleeck

Head of Department

Research interests

  • The aim of my work is to understand how we hear sound and to use this knowledge to create bio-inspired solutions to enhance speech communication.
  • I have continuously worked on various aspects of hearing research and technology and have been principal investigator on various research grants (EU, EPSRCS, etc) with a value of more than £2M. I am team leader with an internationally recognised research programme to develop devices that help normal hearing and hearing-impaired people to communicate better in noise. Methodologies include brainstem physiology, neuronal simulations, deep learing, psychophysics, pupil tracking and other physiological measurements. 

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Other researchers

Professor Thomas Blumensath


Research interests

  • I develop and study advanced algorithms that can solve challenging inverse problems by efficiently exploiting complex prior information. Using techniques from mathematics, statistics and machine learning, my work concentrates primarily on problems in x-ray tomographic image reconstruction and modelling.
  • I work closely with state-of-the-art imaging facilities (µ-VIS, the National Research Facility in Lab-based XCT, the UK’s synchrotron facility at the Diamond Light Source, and ISIS neutron imaging beamline) to find practical solutions to a range of important scientific problems from plant science to manufacturing.

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Doctor Matthew Wright

Senior Lecturer

Research interests

  • Musical instrument acoustics
  • Thermoviscous acoustics

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

A Stasiak,
J Monaghan,
I.M. Winter,
& S. Bleeck
, 2014
Type: conference
J. Monaghan,
A. Stasiak,
I.M. Winter,
& S. Bleeck
, 2014
Type: conference
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