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Research project

Building a strategic writing culture

Project overview

Resource and event funds to support a writing retreas for UoS staff, building on CHEP’s current activity to support the funding application journey and create protected time for writing.

The objective to create and deliver a number of writing retreats, which will aim to provide focused and legitimised time for staff to write. The retreat will be interspersed with well-being mechanisms, such as movement and mindfulness, to encourage productivity and provide staff with interventions that can be practiced beyond the day.

Key outputs included the delivery of three residential or day long writing retreats. Additional outputs included the completion of writing tasks and new strategies for supporting writing activity for staff, an event outline and resources for future retreats, and reinforcement of the University's commitment to building back sustainable working practices.

This work has since developed into the current Time to Write programme


Lead researcher

Dr Lucy Gates

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Global musculoskeletal health and disease; with particular interest in lower limb mobility
  • Epidemiology of vertebral fractures
  • Epidemiology of Knee and foot osteoarthritis