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Building data bridges between Earth system research and the emerging technology industry

Project overview

WSI Pilot Project
The field of Earth observation (EO) is grappling with a deluge of observational data, acquired from satellites, autonomous vehicles and massive sensor-networks (1,2,3). By interrogating these data streams, we can obtain new and valuable insights into Earth system behaviour on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. This new quantitative information can then be utilized to tackle pressing societal challenges such as climate change and its impacts, land use optimisation and forecasting natural hazards (1,2). But rising to meet these challenges requires new technological approaches and shared data platforms. Solving these problems will necessitate immersive trust-based collaborations between University research groups and large technology organisations motivated to develop future-proof, user-focussed solutions.   This WSI pilot project will directly address the need for a reliable, results-driven and accessible geospatial AI infrastructure in a new collaboration between the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, University of Southampton (UoS) and IBM Emerging Technology.


Lead researcher

Professor Thomas Gernon

Professorial Fellow (Research)

Research interests

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  • Solid Earth drivers of Earth's climate state;
  • Earth surface processes;
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Other researchers

Dr Helen Ogden

Lecturer in Statistics

Research interests

  • Flexible regression models
  • Models for longitudinal and clustered data
  • Models for count data
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