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Research project

C Cooper 17702 (MAVIDOS)


Lead researcher

Professor Cyrus Cooper

Prof Rheumatology Clinical Epidemiology

Research interests

  • Key research contributions have been:
  • discovery of the developmental influences which contribute to the risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture in late adulthood
  • demonstration that maternal vitamin D insufficiency is associated with sub-optimal bone mineral accrual in childhood
Other researchers

Professor Keith Godfrey

Associate Dean Enterprise

Professor Elaine Dennison

Personal Chair

Research interests

  • The epidemiology of musculoskeletal disease, particularly those conditions common in later life (osteoporosis and osteoarthritis)

Research outputs

S. Khalid,
S. Calderon-Larranaga,
A. Sami,
S. Hawley,
A. Judge,
N. Arden,
T.P. Van Staa,
B. Abrahamsen,
M. Kassim Javaid,
& D. Prieto-Alhambra
, 2022 , Osteoporosis International , 33 , 1579--1589
Type: article
Daniel Pinto,
M. Alshahrani,
R. Chapurlat,
Thierry Chevalley,
B.M. Camargos,
A. Papaioannou,
Stuart Silverman,
Jean-Francois Kaux,
N.E. Lane,
J Morales Torres,
J. Paccou,
Rene Rizzoli,
Olivier Bruyere,
, 2022 , Osteoporosis International , 33 (3) , 527--540
Type: review
Rebecca J Moon,
Stefania D’angelo,
Elizabeth M Curtis,
Alexandra J Kermack,
Justin H Davies,
Nicholas J Bishop,
Stephen H Kennedy,
Ann Prentice,
Inez Schoenmakers,
Robert Fraser,
Saurabh V Gandhi,
Muhammad Kassim Javaid,
Aris T Papageorghiou,
, 2022 , Journal of Public Health
Type: article
Sarah El-Heis,
Stefania D'angelo,
Elizabeth Curtis,
, 2022 , British Journal of Dermatology , 187 (5) , 659--666
Type: article
Rebecca Moon,
Stefania D'angelo,
Elizabeth Curtis,
Justin Davies,
, 2022 , Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism , 107 (8) , E3403--E3410
Type: article
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