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Cell EXPLORERS Escape Room

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    Science Foundation Ireland
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Project overview

Cell EXPLORERS is a successful science education and public engagement programme delivering STEM activities throughout Ireland through school visits and Science Festivals. This project aimed to create a Cell EXPLORERS Escape Room (CEER) to expand the capacity of the programme to reach participants not normally engaged with STEM. Escape rooms, in which a group of participants solve puzzles to resolve a mystery and escape a confined space / situation, are a combination of intellectual challenge, hands-on experience and social gathering.
CEER is an entertaining, immersive experience that engages teenagers/young adults who do not normally interact with science, do not learn science in school or would not visit science festival. Its content is relate to modern biology and participants do real science to solve the mystery. The project created three CEER kits for circulation around Ireland.


Lead researcher

Dr Ran Peleg


Research interests

  • Game based learning 
  • Chemistry education
  • Innovation in teaching and learning
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