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Research project

ChAMP and WAFT Collaboration Fund - Inline patterning of thermoelectric devices onto flexible substrates: a solution to large area manufacturing of wearable electronics

Project overview

This collaboration fund with University of Oxford, investigated the compatibility of using large-area roll-to-roll manufacturing techniques with thermoelectric materials and devices, whilst optimising their output.


Lead researcher

Dr Katrina Morgan


Research interests

  • Energy harvesters
  • Flexible and wearables
  • 2D and advanced materials
Other researchers

Dr Ioannis Zeimpekis

Associate Professor

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Bryan Stuart,
Katrina Morgan,
Xudong Tao ,
Zhuo Feng,
Daniel Gregory ,
& Hazel Assender
, 2021 , Coatings , 11 (12) , 1
Type: article
Tian Tang,
Andrea Ravagli,
Christopher Craig,
Jin Yao,
Zhuo Feng,
Dmitry Yarmolich,
Clara Barker,
Hazel Assender,
& Daniel Hewak
, 2019 , Scientific Reports , 9
Type: article
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