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Project overview

The NERC-funded Characterisation of Major Overburden Leakage Pathways above Sub-sea floor CO2 Storage Reservoirs in the North Sea (CHIMNEY) project investigated the risks of leaks from storing carbon dioxide (CO2) under the seabed. CHIMNEY involved investigators from the University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre in Southampton (NOC), and University of Edinburgh. These investigators worked closely with project partners GEOMAR, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CGG and Applied Acoustics. A multi-channel seismic dataset, together with multibeam bathymetry was acquired during RRS James Cook cruise JC152 (August - September 2017), around the Scanner Pockmark Complex in the North Sea.


Lead researcher

Professor Jonathan Bull

Professor in Ocean & Earth Science

Research interests

  • Fluid Flow and Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Monitoring, Measurement and Verification
  • Marine Geophysics
Other researchers

Professor Tim Minshull

Professor in Ocean & Earth Science

Research interests

  • Continental breakup and the onset of seafloor spreading
  • Methane hydrate beneath the seafloor and its role in the Earth system
  • Exploration geophysics: seismic and electromagnetic imaging

Professor Tim Henstock

Professor of Geophysics

Professor Juerg Matter

Professor of Geoengineering&Carbon Manag

Professor Rachael James

Professor of Geochemistry

Research interests

  • Enhanced rock weathering and other techniques for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Novel isotopic signatures of biogeochemical cycling, including iron, chromium, lithium and magnesium, and the response of biogeochemcal cycles to global environmental change
  • Exploration for new sources of metals and elements critical for emerging green technologies, including lithium and the rare earth elements

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Gaye Bayrakci,
Calum Macdonald,
Timothy Minshull,
Mark Chapman,
& Ben Callow
, 2022 , Geophysical Journal International , 231 (2) , 1164--1195
Type: article
Ben Callow,
Ismael Falcon-Suarez,
Jonathan Bull,
Sean Ruffell,
Antonio Grippa,
& Andrew Hurst
, 2022 , Sedimentology , 69 (6) , 2463--2485
Type: article
Anna Lichtschlag,
Matthias Haeckel,
David Olierook,
Kate Peel,
Anita Flohr,
Christopher Pearce,
Chiara Marieni,
& D.P. Connelly
, 2021 , International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control , 109
Type: article
G. Bayrakci,
B. Callow,
T. A. Minshull,
G. Provenzano,
L. J. North,
C. Macdonald,
A. H. Robinson,
& M. Chapman
, 2021 , Frontiers in Earth Science , 9 , 626416
Type: article
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