Research project

Community resilience and social coherence

Project overview

This project examines the extent of residential age mixing and how it is changing over time.

This project uses an innovative mixed methods design, analysing spatial and longitudinal data that is both quantitative (from Censuses and surveys) as well as qualitative (from interviews). It aims to provide new knowledge on the patterns and processes of intergenerational mixing.

The project explores how intergenerational connection is experienced in the community at the local level. The work provides evidence to inform policies promoting intergenerational fairness, community cohesion and 'levelling up'.

This research project is funded through the ESRC Centre for Population Change Connecting Generations, directed by Professor Jane Falkingham. This project is led by Professor Nissa Finney (University of St Andrews) with Professor Elspeth Graham (University of St Andrews).


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Professor Jane Falkingham

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