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Research project

Syn-rift stratigraphy, fault and basin evolution of the Corinth Rift

Lead researcher:
Not active

Project overview

Initial extension controls later rift development and ultimately the structure of rifted margins. This project quantifies rift processes within the Gulf of Corinth, a rare example of rifting at its earliest stage, by comprehensive integration of marine geophysical datasets collected by multiple groups since 1995 to generate a framework of stratigraphy and fault networks offshore. This allows investigatation of very early rift evolution at a range of scales by generating a high resolution analysis and new chronological model of the syn-rift stratigraphy within the active rift and a detailed rift fault network, including details of fault activity (hence hazard potential), growth and interaction. Together these components will be used to develop a detailed history of rift evolution in space and time at a resolution not generated before within a continental rift system. The project is linked to proposed scientific ocean drilling (IODP) in the Corinth Rift, Greece.


Lead researcher

Professor Lisa Mcneill

Professor of Tectonics

Research interests

  • Active tectonics
  • Geohazards

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Other researchers

Professor Jonathan Bull

Professor in Ocean & Earth Science

Research interests

  • Fluid Flow and Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Monitoring, Measurement and Verification

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Professor Tim Henstock

Professor of Geophysics

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