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Research project

Creating Learning Environments for Compassionate Care (CLECC) for people in mental health settings: an implementation study

Project overview

There is limited knowledge of the complex mechanisms involved in processes of implementation, adaption and sustainability of innovations in practice, how these work over time and differ between settings. An understanding of these mechanisms will contribute to our knowledge of why some innovations succeed while others fail. Creating Learning Environments for Compassionate Care (CLECC) is a theory-based workplace intervention focused on developing sustainable leadership and team practices to support the delivery of compassionate care. This is an implementation study of CLECC in mental health inpatient settings, which aims to understand the mechanisms of implementation and sustainability. The study focus is to describe the processes and outcomes of implementing CLECC in this setting, to characterise sources of variation in implementation processes and outcomes, and to explain how variations in implementation processes and outcomes are experienced


Lead researcher

Dr Michelle Myall

Principal Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Life-limiting illness and end of life decision-making
  • Death, dying and bereavement
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Other researchers

Professor Jackie Bridges PhD MSN BN(Hons) PGCert

Prof of Older People's Care

Research interests

  • Older people’s care and support
  • Professional work and workforce development
  • Organisational behaviour
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Dr Jane Frankland PhD, BSc(Hons)

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Social processes related to self-management and help seeking
  • Social cultural context of self-management
  • Sexual function post cancer treatment
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Ms Cindy Brooks

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Creating and evaluating online innovative tools to improve health and wellbeing in society
  • Exploring interventions to reduce inappropriate polypharmacy
  • Methods enabling successful development and implementation of innovations in practice
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