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Research project

Deploying AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technologies for Business Value: Opportunities and Constraints

Project overview

The HEIF project employs a multi-disciplinary research approach to map the type of AI-powered solutions which can be implemented to improve corporate decision-decision making and operations. The project focuses on the specific cognitive technologies used by the firms in their strategy and business related operations. For example, many companies now use AI as part of their recruitment process by screening video interviews looking to identify characteristics like gender, education level, lying, and cognitive ability in the interviewee’s answers. Similarly, banks and other financial institutions now regularly use chatbots as part of their customer service operations. The project also examines how the use of AI to collect and analyse huge amounts of data may create ethical uneasiness about their use as well as trustworthiness.


Lead researcher

Professor Tahir Nisar


Research interests

  • Crowdfunding
  • AI Automation
  • Social Media
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Research outputs