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Research project

Dr H Fangohr Ep/E040063/1

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Not active

Project overview


Lead researcher

Professor Hans Fangohr

Professor of Computational Modelling

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Andreas Knittel,
Matteo Franchin,
Farzad Nasirpouri,
Simon J. Bending,
, 2012 , Journal of Applied Physics , 111 (7) , 07D127--[3pp]
Type: article
F. Nasirpouri,
S.J. Bending,
L.M. Peter,
, 2011 , Thin Solid Films , 519 (23) , 8320--8325
Type: article
Andreas Knittel,
Matteo Franchin,
Thomas Fischbacher,
F. Nasirpouri,
S. Bending,
, 2010 , New Journal of Physics , 12 , 113048
Type: article
M. Najafi,
B. kruger,
S. Bohlens,
M. Franchin,
A. Vanhaverbeke,
R. Allenspach,
M. Bolte,
U. Merkt,
D. Pfannkuche,
D.P.F. Moller,
& G. Meier
, 2009 , Journal of Applied Physics , 105 , 113914--[11pp]
Type: article
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