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Research project

Using Interglacials To Assess Future Sea_level Scenarios

Project overview

Existing sea-level rise projections do not account for the longer-term changes in global land-based ice volume. Although this ice-sheet contribution to sea-level change develops over decades to centuries, its long-term impact is large and virtually irreversible. It therefore dominates the uncertainty in future sea-level projections.

The aims of this project were to:
Quantify sea-level variation during interglacial periods (warm periods in between global ice ages)
Quantify relationships between global ice volume and climatalogical control processes


Other researchers

Professor Ivan Haigh


Research interests

  • I have four main areas of research, as follows:
  • Mean Sea level: local, regional and global trends, detection of accelerations, understanding of inter-annual variability
  • Extreme sea levels and coastal Flooding: Changes in storm surges, extreme value analysis, compound events,

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Eelco Rohling,
& Aimee Slangen
, 2017 , Earth's Future , 5 (2) , 240--253
Type: article
Eelco J. Rohling,
Fiona D. Hibbert,
Felicity H. Williams,
Katherine M. Grant,
Gianluca Marino,
Rick Hennekam,
Gert J. De Lange,
Andrew P. Roberts,
Jimin Yu,
Jody M. Webster,
& Yusuke Yokoyama
, 2017 , Quaternary Science Reviews , 176 , 1--28
Type: article
Tal Ezer,
& Phillip L. Woodworth
, 2016 , Journal of Coastal Research , 32 (4) , 744--755
Type: article
Fiona D. Hibbert,
Eelco J. Rohling,
Andrea Dutton,
Felicity H. Williams,
Peter M. Chutcharavan,
Cheng Zhao,
& Mark E. Tamisiea
, 2016 , Quaternary Science Reviews , 145 , 1--56
Type: article
D. Sivan,
G. Sisma-Ventura,
N. Greenbaum,
O.M. Bialik,
F.H. Williams,
M.E. Tamisiea,
E.J. Rohling,
A. Frumkin,
S. Avnaim-Katav,
G. Shtienberg,
& M. Stein
, 2016 , Quaternary Science Reviews , 145 , 204--225
Type: article
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