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Research project

Emplacement process and timing of large volcanic debris avalanches, Montserrat, Lesser Antilles: Implications for volcanic and tsunami hazards


Lead researcher

Professor Tim Minshull

Professor in Ocean & Earth Science

Research interests

  • Continental breakup and the onset of seafloor spreading
  • Methane hydrate beneath the seafloor and its role in the Earth system

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Other researchers

Professor Tim Henstock

Professor of Geophysics

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Research outputs

E. Lebas,
A. Le Friant,
G. Boudon,
S.F.L. Watt,
P.J. Talling,
N. Feuillet,
C. Deplus,
C. Berndt,
& M.E. Vardy
, 2011 , Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems , 12 (5) , Q05006
Type: article
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