Research project

EP/F009186/1 Software-controlled assembly of oligomers

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Lead researcher

Dr Eugen Stulz

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • DNA chemistry
  • Chemical Biology
  • Medicinal chemistry
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Research outputs

Eugen Stulz, 2015, CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry, 69(11), 678-683
Type: article
Ashleigh Griffith, Thomas J. Bandy, Mark Light & Eugen Stulz, 2013, Chemical Communications, 49(7), 731-733
Type: article
Phillip J. Milnes, Mireya L. McKee, Jonathan Bath, Lijiang Song, Eugen Stulz, Andrew J. Turberfield & Rachel K. O'Reilly, 2012, Chemical Communications, 48(45), 5614-5616
Type: article
Mireya L. McKee, Phillip J. Milnes, Jonathan Bath, Eugen Stulz, Rachel K. O’Reilly & Andrew J. Turberfield, 2012, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134(3), 1446-1449
Type: article
Mireya L. McKee, Amanda C. Evans, Simon R. Gerrard, Rachel K. O'Reilly, Andrew J. Turberfield & Eugen Stulz, 2011, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 9(5), 1661-1666
Type: article