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Research project

EP/F015631/1 - High Throughput Synthesis


Lead researcher

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Mehdi Mirsaneh,
E. Furman,
S. Perini,
M.T. Lanagan,
& I.M. Reaney
, 2012 , Applied Physics Letters , 100 , 82901--82903
Type: article
Xiaole Weng,
Jeremy K. Cockcroft,
Martin Vickers,
Paul Boldrin,
Chiu C. Tang,
Stephen P. Thompson,
Julia E. Parker,
Jonathan C. Knowles,
Ihtesham Rehman,
Ivan Parkin,
Julian R. G. Evans,
& Jawwad A. Darr
, 2009 , Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry , 11 (5) , 829--834
Type: article
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