Research project

Epigenetic therapies to enhance the immune response for paediatric rhabdomyosarcomas


Lead researcher

Dr Zoë Walters

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Target Prioritisation and Validation
  • Epigenetics and genomics
  • Cancer 
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Other researchers

Professor Tim Underwood

Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery
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Professor Edd James

Associate Dean Infrastructure

Research interests

  • Antigen processing and presentation
  • Regulation of T cell responses in anti-tumour responses
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Dr Jonathan West

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Time-Resolved Structural Biology The emergence of serial crystallography brings many exciting possibilities for structural biology but also brings the challenge of preparing many thousands of sub-micron crystals. To address this, we are working with Ivo Tews and Allen Orville to develop high throughput droplet microfluidic systems. Here volumetric confinement of the phase diagram defines growth limits for producing monodisperse protein crystals. Beyond this, the microfluidic processors can be interfaced with the beam line to enable dynamic structural biology.
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Research outputs