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Doctor Jonathan West

Dr Jonathan West

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Platelet Diversity The lab has a keen interest in understanding the nature and consequences of platelet functional diversity. Using a droplet microfluidics strategy we can measure intrinsic platelet behaviour. Broad-continuum sensitivity was identified, with hypersensitive platelets able to drive heterotypic system polarisation. Current research aims at characterising platelet dynamics and transcriptome remodelling in response to stimulation to pin-point sub-populations governing thrombosis.

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Accepting applications from PhD students.

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"Discovery-driven engineering: I develop microfluidic methods for gaining new insights into biological systems"

Research in my lab focusses on the development of high throughput microfluidic approaches for cell and molecular handling. My microfluidic toolkit ever evolves, with droplet, inertial and compartmentalised microfluidic platforms currently being the core technologies in my lab. Allied with these, an open instrumentation approach is used to provide microfluidic workstations in the labs of collaborators. My overall approach involves the development of analytical pipelines coupling the microfluidic processors with state of the art cytometry, imaging, RNA-Seq, mass spectrometry and beam line techniques to deliver high quality data sets enabling new insights into biological systems.