Research project

Global Imaging of the Lithosphere - Asthenosphere boundary using Scattered Waves


Lead researcher

Dr Catherine Rychert

Associate Professor
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Research outputs

Catherine A. Rychert, James O.S. Hammond, Nicholas Harmon, J. Michael Kendall, Derek Keir, Cynthia Ebinger, Ian D. Bastow, Atalay Ayele, Manahloh Belachew & Graham Stuart, 2012, Nature Geoscience, 5(6), 406-409
Type: article
Catherine A. Rychert & Peter M. Shearer, 2011, Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(B7), B07307
Type: article
Ikuko Wada, Catherine A. Rychert & Kelin Wang, 2011, Geophysical Research Letters, 38(13), L13308
Type: article
Nicholas Harmon, Catherine Rychert & Peter Gerstoft, 2010, Geophysical Journal International, 183(3), 1470-1484
Type: article