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Research project

Assessment of LifeLab Southampton

Project overview

LifeLab Southampton comprises a purpose-built laboratory in Southampton General Hospital. Secondary school students visit LifeLab to learn how maternal and childhood nutrition influences health, understand the impact of their lifestyle on their future health, and experience modern science to inspire them with the excitement of research and future career possibilities. The LifeLab visit follows preparatory work in their school, which is then supplemented by later learning. Our pilot work indicated that attitudes can be changed by such LifeLab sessions. This research project aimed to assess formally the change in attitudes to health behaviours, lifestyle and interest in health and science from before to after the LifeLab experience, by conducting a cluster randomised trial with approximately 4,000 students aged 12-13 years from 18 Southampton and Hampshire schools.


Lead researcher
Other researchers

Professor Keith Godfrey

Associate Dean Enterprise
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Professor Marcus Grace BSc, MSc, PhD, PGCE, CSciTeach, FRSB

Professor of Science Education

Research interests

  • The science and values underpinning education for biodiversity, sustainable development and citizenship
  • Adolescent decision-making, and teaching and learning about socio-scientific issues
  • Outdoor science education
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