Research project

EEF - Evidence report on Secondary Science

Project overview

The Evidence Review Group at Southampton, led by Marcus Grace, provided the background research on science education evidence for the Education Endowment Fund’s Improving Secondary Science Guidance Report (2018). The report aims to help science teachers to use evidence to support their teaching.

It provides seven practical evidence-based recommendations for practitioners that are particularly relevant to teaching secondary school students who struggle with science. The work addresses the persistent attainment gap in science among disadvantaged students, which begins at Key Stage 1 and only widens throughout primary and secondary school.


Lead researcher

Professor Marcus Grace BSc, MSc, PhD, PGCE, CSciTeach, FRSB

Professor of Science Education

Research interests

  • The science and values underpinning education for biodiversity, sustainable development and citizenship
  • Adolescent decision-making, and teaching and learning about socio-scientific issues
  • Outdoor science education
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Other researchers

Dr Andri Christodoulou

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Argumentation within scientific and socio-scientific contexts
  • Dialogic teaching
  • Socio-scientific inquiry-based learning
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