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HEIF 2023/24 Validation of Pipeline inspection methodology using SPR and DAS systems

Project overview

The project will validate an inspection methodology developed at the Optoelectronics Research Centre using the National Oceanography Centre facilities. The technology aims to revolutionise how oil and gas companies
perform pipeline inspection trials. We will exchange sensing methods (ORC to NOC) and integration and validation techniques (NOC, MARS-ORC). The project will also be an exciting opportunity to emphasize the power of photonics for
marine applications.

In this project, we investigate the suitability of two technologies developed at the ORC. The first technology based on a Distributed acoustic monitoring system (DAS) developed by Dr A. Masoudi. We will exploit the DAS system to monitor the induced change or deformation of the dummy pipeline mounted at the NOC water tank, then, the system sensitivity will be adjusted to listen to the bubbles emerging from such deformation. Using the same configuration, we will deploy a chemical sensor developed by Dr Ismaeel to identify the fingerprint of the spilt liquid from the pipeline. Dr Ismaeel Sensor will be integrated into the ecoSUB and will also be trailed (with the sensor) to identify the nature and the concentration of the leaked substance from the pipeline. Dr Ismaeel's SPR sensor can selectively measure the oil leak (hydrocarbons) via a selective membrane developed by the School of Chemistry (Dr. Sam Thompson).

The ORC will work closely with the National Oceanography Centre, the School of Chemistry, and the industrial partner Clearwater Sensors Ltd to make the most of the recent success in developing the sensors and synthesising these molecules and advancing towards commercial impact. In the last part of the project, we enable real-time determination of the metrology performance of the technology under test and real-world conditions.


Lead researcher

Dr Rand Ismaeel

Senior Research Fellow
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Other researchers

Dr Ali Masoudi

Senior Research Fellow
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Professor Dr Matt Mowlem

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Dr Sam Thompson

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Chemical Biology
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Medicinal Chemistry
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