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Research project

Hydrological cycle understanding via process based global detection, attribution and prediction - PAGODA


Lead researcher

Professor Robert Marsh

Professor of Oceanography and Climate

Research outputs

G.C. Hegerl,
Emily Black,
Richard P. Allan,
W.J. Ingram,
D. Polson,
K.E. Trenberth,
R.S. Chadwick,
P.A. Arkin,
B. Balan Sarojini,
A. Becker,
A. Dai,
P.J. Durack,
D. Easterling,
H.J. Fowler,
E.J. Kendon,
G.J. Huffman,
C. Liu,
M. New,
T.J. Osborn,
P.A. Stott,
P-L. Vidale,
S.E. Wijffels,
L.J. Wilcox,
K.M. Willett,
& X. Zhang
, 2015 , Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society , 96 (7) , 1097--1115
Type: article
Simon A. Josey,
Simon A. Good,
Chunlei Liu,
& Richard P. Allan
, 2014 , Climate Dynamics , 43 (3-4) , 709--736
Type: article
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