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Professor Robert Marsh

Professor Robert Marsh

Professor of Oceanography and Climate

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Professor Robert Marsh has extensive experience of observing and modelling the oceans and climate. In current projects and collaborations, he applies knowledge of ocean state (e.g., temperature), ocean currents and surface weather to pressing environmental challenges. Specifically, he is developing systems for monitoring and forecasting the extent of sargassum seaweed across the tropical Atlantic. This work is designed to inform decision-makers and local communities who have been recently challenged by extensive beaching of sargassum at coastlines around the Caribbean and west Africa. He is also investigating links between the Arctic and our mid-latitudes, where some weather extremes may be attributed to rapid warming and sea ice decline. In other research directions, he investigates the drivers of year-to-year variations in Atlantic hurricane seasons, towards better seasonal forecasts, and the long-term changes in Indian monsoon climate of consequence for aquaculture.