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Research project

Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) - Powering electronics with body heat – a wearable commercial demonstrator for remote temperature monitoring.

Project overview

The aim of this proposal was to integrate flexible thin-film thermoelectric energy harvesters into a commercially viable wearable product, providing immediate uninterrupted green power for remote temperature monitoring, as a technology demonstrator. To do so, thin film flexible thermoelectric generators (f-TEGs) were fabricated and combined with a low-power, low-cost wireless communication technology, allowing the data packets such as simple body temperature measurements to be sent wirelessly to remote devices. We worked with BAE Systems to ensure requirements for deployment in the defence sector were developed. Such integrated platforms are currently not available on the market. This prototype provided the details needed to then engage key industry leaders, who will provide information, on the scope for integrating f-TEGs into their products, across many different application spaces such as health monitoring, automotive and electronics. This has been the vital step needed to allow the full reach of f-TEGs in the market to be expanded and new opportunities revealed.


Lead researcher

Dr Katrina Morgan


Research interests

  • Energy harvesters
  • Flexible and wearables
  • 2D and advanced materials
Other researchers

Professor Nicholas Harris


Dr Ioannis Zeimpekis

Associate Professor
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