Research project

Insulating Dielectrics and Alternative Liquids

Project overview

Ester-based insulation fluids offer several benefits for the operation of transformers, apart from being more ecologically sustainable. While being significantly cheaper than silicone fluids, they offer an increased level of resistance to accidental fires, reducing the cost of maintenance over the transformers’ lifetime. They also offer the possibility of improved thermal performance, due to their typically lower viscosity. However, such liquids are typically more expensive than mineral oil, and have only been used in high voltage power transformers relatively recently, so operational experience with them is limited. This project will work to improve the understanding of the impact of alternative liquids on transformers through simulations and experimental investigations. Particular attention will be given to the thermal performance of such liquids, and the possibility of improved ratings.


Lead researcher

Dr Thomas Andritsch

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Dielectric Materials and Nanodielectrics
  • HV Cable Systems
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Other researchers

Dr Ian Hosier PhD

Research Fellow-High Voltage Plant

Research interests

  • Dielectric materials
  • Ageing
  • Morphology
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Dr George Callender

Lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Eng
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Professor Richard Brown

Professor of Organic Chemistry

Research interests

  • Organic synthesis
  • Total synthesis of natural products
  • Asymmetric synthesis
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Professor John Langley

Professorial Fellow-Enterprise

Research interests

  • The application of separation science and mass spectrometry as a routine tool for chemistry/chemical biology/oilfield chemistry;
  • Probing new areas for research using these tools;
  • The application of hyphenated approaches (GC-MS, GCxGC-MS, HPLC-MS & SFC-MS).
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