Doctor Ian Hosier

Dr Ian Hosier

Research Fellow-High Voltage Plant

Research interests

  • Dielectric materials
  • Ageing
  • Morphology

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Ian Hosier received his BSc degree in physics in 1992 and his Ph.D in polymer physics in 1992 both from The University of Reading, UK, the Ph.D being funded by National Grid. He then went on with postdoctoral research at the same university, which involved extensive collaborations with institutions in Germany and Japan. In 2001 he accepted a placement at Florida State University in the USA looking at atomic force microscopy of semi-crystalline polymer blends. In 2003 he returned to the UK to take a research post at the University of Southampton looking at the aging behavior of a variety of solid and liquid insulation materials. Research interests include both liquid and solid dielectrics, ageing, microscopy and polymer morphology.