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Research project

Intergenerational Audit: Understanding changing living standards across cohorts

Project overview

The Intergenerational Commission, chaired by Lord Willetts, highlighted the challenges facing the social contract between generations, with rising job and housing insecurity experienced by young people alongside a social care system not fit to support older generations. Responding to the need to better understand equity between generations, this project supports the collaborative production of the Resolution Foundation ‘Intergenerational Audit for the UK’ until 2027.

The Intergenerational Audit aims to provide a stock-take of generational differences in living standards in the four domains of;1) Jobs, skills and pay, 2) Housing costs and security, 3) Taxes, benefits and household income and 4) Wealth and assets.

The Intergenerational Audit(s) provide policy roadmaps, supplying fresh evidence to policy debates on living standards from an intergenerational angle.

This research project is funded through the ESRC Centre for Population Change Connecting Generations, directed by Professor Jane Falkingham. This research project is led by Professor Mike Brewer (Resolution Foundation) with Professor Jane Falkingham (University of Southampton) and Sophie Hale and Molly Broome (Resolution Foundation).


Lead researcher

Professor Jane Falkingham

VP Engagement and International
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