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Research project

J. Marshall - The Mid Palaeozoic biotic crisis - NERC


Lead researcher

Professor John Marshall

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

C.E. Bennett, T.I. Kearsey, S.J. Davies, M.J. Leng, D. Millward, T.R. Smithson, P.J. Brand, M.A.E. Browne, D.K. Carpenter, J.E.A. Marshall, H. Dulson & L. Curry, 2021, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 564
Type: article
John Marshall, Jon Lakin, Ian Troth & Sarah M. Wallace-Johnson, 2020, Science Advances, 6(22)
Type: article
Jennifer A. Clack, Marcello Ruta, Andrew R. Milner, John E. A. Marshall, Timothy R. Smithson & Keturah Z. Smithson, 2019, Royal Society Open Science, 6(5), 1-10
Type: article
Tom J. Challands, Timothy R. Smithson, Jennifer A. Clack, Carys E. Bennett, John E. A. Marshall, Sarah M. Wallace-johnson & Henrietta Hill, 2019, Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, 1-22
Type: article
David Millward, Sarah J. Davies, Fiona Williamson, Rachel Curtis, Timothy I. Kearsey, Carys E. Bennett, John E.A. Marshall & Michael A.E. Browne, 2018, Sedimentology, 65(7), 2278-2311
Type: article