Research project

Decarbonising Transport through Electrification, a Whole System Approach (DTE)

Project overview

This network was led by Prof. L. Cipcigan of Cardiff University and also included Birmingham, Bristol and Cranfield Universities.

The DTE Network+ brought together academia, industry and the public sector to address the challenges limiting the current implementation of an electrified, integrated transport system across the automotive, aerospace, rail and maritime sectors.

The DTE Network+ identified drivers for change within the transport system including technological innovation, individual mobility needs and economic requirements for change, alongside environmental and social concerns for sustainability. It considered the role, social acceptance and impact of policies and regulations that will result in emissions reduction. It has adopted an integrated whole system approach that addressed short, medium and long-term time-frame challenges, using a multi-layered approach that considers vehicles and technology, charging infrastructure, the supply of electricity and smart mobility.

Further webinars were held in 2023 and further seed-corn funded research projects have been initiated, including work on micro-mobility by TRG.

Further information is available at the project website.


Lead researcher

Professor John Preston

Professor in Rail Transport

Research interests

  • Demand, capacity and cost modelling for sustainable transport infrastructure.
  • The design, monitoring and evaluation of transport interventions designed to promote sustainable choices.
  • The determination of pathways for future mobility transitions to net zero carbon.
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Katie Parnell, Siobhan Merriman & Katherine Plant, 2023, Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries, 33(6), 476-489
Type: article