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Research project

My Life in Hospital: delivering dignity by engaging patients and nursing staff in creative reflections


Lead researcher

Dr Katherine Hunt PhD MSc PGCert BN RN FHEA


Research interests

  • Measurement of quality and experiences of palliative and end of life care.
  • Identifying and exploring sources of inequality and inequity in access to quality end of life care
  • End of life care for people with intellectual disability and anticipating end of life
Other researchers

Dr Ruth Bartlett

Associate Professor

Mr John Gillett

Principal Teaching Fellow

Research interests

  • Countdowns: the role of duration and duration-awareness in the experience of time-based material.
  • Decision-making: programmatic production; judgement; intuition; thinking through making.
  • The relationship between studio practice and curatorship.

Professor Jackie Bridges PhD MSN BN(Hons) PGCert RN

Prof of Older People's Care

Research interests

  • Older people’s care and support
  • Professional work and workforce development
  • Organisational behaviour
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