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Research project

Strategies to reduce the burden of antibiotic resistance in China

Project overview

The £3M programme across four universities, NHS and PHE partners in the UK and three universities in China includes three research projects, training and research capacity-building activities.

Work Package (WP) 1 will develop and testing the effectiveness of an intervention to modify antibiotic prescribing among health professionals and reduce antibiotic consumption through a randomised controlled trial (led by Anhui Medical University);

WP2 will assess human exposure to antibiotics from environmental and therapeutic sources and explore policy contexts of antibiotic usage (led by Fudan University);

WP3 will assess trends of antibiotic use and resistance in hospital settings and estimate the economic burden of ABR and cost-effectiveness of different intervention strategies in China (led by Peking University).


Lead researcher

Professor Paul Little

Professor in Primary Care Research

Connect with Paul

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