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Research project

MacArthur BB/L000512/1 Dissecting the molecular basis of cell-cell variability in mouse embryonic stem cell populations using system approaches


Lead researcher

Professor Benjamin Macarthur

Personal Chair

Research interests

  • Mathematical modeling
  • Machine learning 
  • Networks
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Research outputs

Patrick Stumpf & Benjamin Macarthur, 2019, Frontiers in Genetics, 10
Type: article
Patrick Stumpf, Rosanna C.G. Smith, Michael Lenz, Andreas, A. Schuppert, Franz-Josef Muller, Ann Babtie, Thalia E. Chan, Michael P.H. Stumpf, Colin P. Please, Sam D. Howison, Fumio Arai & Benjamin D. Macarthur, 2017, Cell Systems, 5(3), 268-282.e7
Type: article
Rosanna Smith & Benjamin Macarthur, 2017, Current Stem Cell Reports, 3(3), 225-231
Type: article
Rosanna Smith, Patrick Stumpf, Sonya Ridden, Aaron Sim, Sarah Filippi, Heather Harrington & Benjamin Macarthur, 2017, Biophysical Journal, 112(12), 2641–2652
Type: article
Styliani Kontogeorgaki, Ruben Sanchez Garcia, Robert Ewing, Konstantinos Zygalakis & Benjamin Macarthur, 2016, Scientific Reports, 7(1)
Type: article