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Research project

Mapping and evidence synthesis for assistive technologies to support adults living at home with long-term continence or toilet-use problems


Lead researcher

Professor Cathy Murphy PhD RN

Professorial Fellow-Research

Research interests

  • Continence management
  • Dementia and incontinence
  • Continence devices
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Other researchers

Professor Mandy Fader

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Professor David Scott

Principal Research Fellow
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Miss Lois Woods

Senior Research Assistant

Research interests

  • Lois collaborates on projects across the university to provide information specialist support or as part of SHTAC’s review team.
  • Evidence synthesis contributions to a rapid review of the effectiveness of digital tools to improve recruitment and retention of participants in randomised controlled trials (project led by Southampton Clinical Trials Unit).
  • Information science support for a realist review of strategies to prevent urinary tract infections in older people in care homes (StOP UTI project)
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Research outputs