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Miss Lois Woods

Miss Lois Woods

Senior Research Assistant

Research interests

  • Lois collaborates on projects across the university to provide information specialist support or as part of SHTAC’s review team.
  • Evidence synthesis contributions to a rapid review of the effectiveness of digital tools to improve recruitment and retention of participants in randomised controlled trials (project led by Southampton Clinical Trials Unit).
  • Information science support for a realist review of strategies to prevent urinary tract infections in older people in care homes (StOP UTI project)

More research


Address: University Of Southampton Science Park, Enterprise Road, Chilworth, SO16 7NS


Lois joined SHTAC in 2019. She provides information science support to the team and contributes to the team’s evidence synthesis research. She has a postgraduate degree in Information Science and is an experienced librarian. Prior to her role at SHTAC, she spent four years as a librarian at Public Health England. She has knowledge and experience of a wide range of healthcare resources and her strengths are in conducting literature searches for a range of review types in healthcare, public health, and life sciences.

 At SHTAC, Lois participates in all aspects of the production of systematic reviews and in her information science role is additionally responsible for designing the search strategies for most of the team’s projects. She also performs critical appraisal of evidence submissions for NICE and, again in her information science role, she is additionally responsible for appraising the search strategies in a submission and running update searches or specific searches to identify any further evidence.

 Lois enjoys contributing to tasks in Cochrane Crowd.

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