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Research project

Me, My Health And My Children's Health

Project overview

This research project launched Southampton LifeLab. It provided secondary school students in Southampton with a deeper understanding of how they can improve their own health and the health of their future children under a framework of ‘Me, my health and my children’s health’. The project tested a new method of student and teacher participation in order to tackle some of the biggest contemporary health issues facing young people. The approach involved giving the students first-hand experience of modern biomedical practices carried out in their local hospital (Southampton General Hospital). To stimulate interest and excitement, and encourage new ways of thinking about biomedical science, these were practical activities based at the university using authentic hospital equipment, clear links were made to the school curriculum in partnership with Southampton City Council, and a scheme of work was created for future use by other schools.

The programme enabled students and teachers to explore the latest scientific techniques that cannot be taught in schools, and included professional training for science teachers to enhance formal and informal learning about the issues and maximise the impact on the students.

This first stage of the LifeLab project culminated with a celebration event at which students presented their work and engaged in informed debate about these important socio-scientific issues in front of parents and invited members of the community. The project findings were disseminated by means of a half-day conference for science teachers, educators and researchers.


Lead researcher

Professor Marcus Grace BSc, MSc, PhD, PGCE, CSciTeach, FRSB

Professor of Science Education

Research interests

  • The science and values underpinning education for biodiversity, sustainable development and citizenship
  • Adolescent decision-making, and teaching and learning about socio-scientific issues
  • Outdoor science education
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Other researchers

Professor Keith Godfrey

Associate Dean Enterprise
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Research outputs