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Research project

Measurement and analysis of bioenergy greenhouse gases - Taylor - EPSRC

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Sebastian Dunnett,
Gail Taylor,
, 2022 , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 119 (6)
Type: article
G. Taylor,
I.S. Donnison,
D. Murphy-Bokern,
M. Morgante,
M.-B. Bogeat-Triboulot,
R. Bhalerao,
M. Hertzberg,
A. Polle,
A Harfouche,
F Alasia,
V Petoussi,
D. Trebbi,
K. Schwarz,
J.J.B. Keurentjes,
M. Centritto,
B. Genty,
J. Flexas,
E. Grill,
S. Salvi,
& W.J. Davies
, 2019 , Annals of Botany , 124 (4) , 513--520
Type: article
Francesco Fabbrini,
Riccardo Ludovisi,
Omar Alasia,
Jaume Flexas,
Cyril Douthe,
Miquel Ribas Carbó,
Paul Robson,
Gail Taylor,
Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza,
Joost J.B. Keurentjes,
& Antoine Harfouche
, 2018 , Global Change Biology Bioenergy
Type: article
Henning Wildhagen,
Shanty Paul,
Mike Allwright,
Hazel K. Smith,
Marta Malinowska,
Sabine K Schnabel,
M. João Paulo,
Federica Cattonaro,
Vera Vendramin,
Simone Scalabrin,
Dennis Janz,
Cyril Douthe,
Oliver Brendel,
Cyril Buré,
David Cohen,
Irène Hummel,
Didier Le Thiec,
Fred Van Eeuwijk,
Joost J.B. Keurentjes,
Jaume Flexas,
Michele Morgante,
Paul Robson,
Marie-béatrice Bogeat-triboulot,
Gail Taylor,
& Andrea Polle
, 2018 , Tree Physiology , 38 (3) , 320--339
Type: article
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