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Research group

Ecology and evolution

Reddish butterfly on yellow flower surrounded by green.

Our research focuses on adaptations to changing environments, including the responses of organisms to stress factors brought about by environmental change at physiological, population and community levels.


We are addressing current and future issues of global significance such as:

  • adaptations to changing environments 
  • sustainable use of natural resources including energy 
  • food and water security
  • biodiversity conservation 

Our research works across a variety of scales: 

  • from molecules to whole organisms 
  • populations
  • communities
  • landscapes 

We use and combine expertise from: 

  • ecological and evolutionary processes
  • conservation science
  • genetics
  • modern analytical approaches for big data 

Research highlights

Projects and publications

Our people

I am interested in the interplay between ecological and evolutionary processes, specifically in the interaction between insects and their parasites or pathogens.
Principal Teaching Fellow
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