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Research project

MEMS Backscattered Antenna for Passive Wifi and RF Power Harvester


Lead researcher

Dr Bruce (Jun-Yu) Ou

Lecturer in Experimental Physics

Research interests

  • Nano-optomechanics
  • Metalens for imaging and metrology
  • AI for nanoimaging
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Other researchers

Professor Jize Yan


Research interests

  • Meta-lenses and vortex-beam based sensors; Distributed fibre optic sensors; MEMS/Optomechanical/Optical sensors; Wireless sensor networks; Energy harvesters; Cleanroom fabrication
  • Metrology and Monitoring for Infrastructure, Battery, Space and Quantum
  • Physics-Informed Neural Networks and AI Inverse Design for Sensing Device and System
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Research outputs

Ren Wang, Bing-Zhong Wang, Xiao Ding & Jun-Yu Ou, 2017, Scientific Reports, 7
Type: article
Ming Lun Tseng, Xu Fang, Vassili Savinov, Pin Chieh Wu, Jun-Yu Ou, Nikolay I. Zheludev & Din Ping Tsai, 2017, Scientific Reports, 7
Type: article