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Research project

Literature review into Metacognition (Education Endowment Fund)

Project overview

In this project our Southampton team reviewed the body of literature on metacognition for the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). The systematic review was used as basis for the EEF’s guidance report on metacognition. The evidence review first describes what the literature says what metacognition and self-regulated learning actually entail, and then goes into ways to improve metacognitive and self-regulation skills, and what impact this has on attainment. The review included an analysis of publication bias as well.

Overall, the review shows that metacognitive and self-regulation strategies, if integrated into adequate learning activities, contribute positively to school attainment. The review can be found here:


Other researchers

Professor Christian Bokhove


Research interests

  • Mathematics education in the classroom
  • Technology use in schools
  • Research methods
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