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Research project

P Reed - Oxidation Damage at a Crack Tip


Lead researcher

Professor Philippa Reed


Research interests

  • Fatigue processes in additively manufactured high performance alloys
  • High temperature oxidation and creep fatigue processes in nickel based turbine disc and blade alloys
  • Fatigue mitigation and prediction approaches in turbine blades
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Research outputs

R. Jiang, Y.D. Song & P.A. Reed, 2020, International Journal of Fatigue, 141
Type: article
R. Jiang, D. Proprentner, M. Callisti, B. Shollock, X.T. Hu, Y.D. Song & P.A.S. Reed, 2018, Corrosion Science, 139, 141-154
Type: article
A. Evangelou, K.A. Soady, S. Lockyer, N. Gao & P.A.S. Reed, 2018, Materials Science and Technology (United Kingdom), 1-14
Type: article
Rong Jiang, Daniel Bull, D. Proprentner, B. Shollock & Philippa Reed, 2017, International Journal of Fatigue, 99, 175-186
Type: article