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Professor Philippa Reed

Professor Philippa Reed


Research interests

  • Fatigue processes in additively manufactured high performance alloys
  • High temperature oxidation and creep fatigue processes in nickel based turbine disc and blade alloys
  • Fatigue mitigation and prediction approaches in turbine blades

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Professor Philippa A.S. Reed is Professor of Structural Materials within the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Southampton.  Her research interests centre on investigating micromechanisms of failure in a range of structural materials including engine materials, power generation turbine materials, hybrid pressure vessels, pipes and welds. This includes application of numerical modelling approaches to failure problems; assessment and modelling of crack initiation and growth behaviour in a range of materials systems/architectures. A particular focus is the effects of external service conditions such as temperature, environment (e.g. oxidation and hydrogen embrittlement) and complex loading on failure processes. These interests are reflected in her recent and ongoing research collaborations with EDF, Rolls Royce, TWI and many other industry partners.