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Research project

Pigments in phytoplankton biogeography and evolution

Project overview

In this study, we developed a marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem model to explore how the pigment combinations of different phytoplankton species affect where they grow in the ocean. In addition to increasing our understanding of the factors influencing phytoplankton distributions, the model further enabled us to investigate interactions between ocean biology, the marine light field and global change.

This study involved collaboration between Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Essex and University of Southampton.


Lead researcher

Dr Anna Hickman


Research interests

  • The role of marine phytoplankton in biogeochemical cycles
  • Phytoplankton ecology, primary production, photo physiology and bio-optics
  • Understanding the physical controls on biological processes and associated feedbacks

Research outputs

Stephanie Dutkiewicz,
& Oliver Jahn
, 2018 , Biogeosciences , 613--630
Type: article
Astrid Bracher,
Heather A. Bouman,
Robert J.W. Brewin,
Annick Bricaud,
Vanda Brotas,
Aurea M. Ciotti,
Lesley Clementson,
Emmanuel Devred,
Annalisa Di Cicco,
Stephanie Dutkiewicz,
Nick J. Harman-Mountford,
Martin Heironymi,
Takafumi Hirata,
Svetlana N. Losa,
Colleen B Mouw,
Emanuele Organelli,
Dionysos E. Riatsos,
Julia Uitz,
Meike Vogt,
& Aleksanra Wolanin
, 2017 , Frontiers in Marine Science , 4
Type: article
S. Dutkiewicz,
O. Jahn,
W.W. Gregg,
C.B. Mouw,
& M.J. Follows
, 2015 , Biogeosciences , 12 (14) , 4447--4481
Type: article
S. Dutkiewicz,
R.G. Williams,
& M.J. Follows
, 2010 , Marine Ecology Progress Series , 406 , 1--17
Type: article
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