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Project overview

This project, funded by the University of Southampton, UKRI India, and the Asian Media Group, will create a ‘living history resource’ which documents and analyses the lives of successful South Asians who have made Britain their home, achieved visibility in various sectors, and have made an economic, sociocultural, political and intellectual contribution to its modern society since the 1960s. The project has policy implications in the realm of the social integration of established ethnic minority communities, social cohesion, and multiculturalism in a diverse and globalised Britain.


Lead researcher

Doctor Ajit Nayak

Associate Professor in Strat&Enterprise

Research interests

  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation and Dynamic Capabilities

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Other researchers

Doctor Bindi Shah PhD, FHEA

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • A key question that Bindi is interested in asking is: What shapes citizenship and a sense of belonging to the nation amongst immigrants and established ethnic minority communities?
  • Bindi is also interested in exploring the role of social capital for developing interdisciplinary solutions to climate crisis and biodiversity loss for marginalised communities.

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Doctor Pritipuspa Mishra

Associate Professor

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Professor Jane Falkingham

VP Engagement and International

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Professor Sabu Padmadas

Associate Dean International

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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